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Remember previous post about vpn mediastack? If i update docker-compose version even by adjusting numbers it will no longuer works no matter what due to yml version change and syntax. Will eventually update config files but for the moment i don’t need a up-to-date docker-compose for portainer.

Bell Fiber HomeHub4000

The modem interface itself is horrible but “OK”. Port forwarding seemed to stop working once in a while for no reasons? DMZ works but advance made it breaks.

Ppoe bypass is the way to go! reddit told me about it basically just connect network cable from modem to another router setup router in ppoe login. ( Unlike hh3000 i cannot take fiber directly into edgerouter sfp)

EdgerouterX will have another wan ip just don’t forget to select wan as ppoe0x and destination as switchX then proceed to setup port forward rules. Don’t forget to setup nat-hairpin ( Did a test and connected multiple router to hh4k you can get up to 8 wan ip if needed )

Purchasing a sfp to rj45 adapter will add another port to edgerouterX

Bell and Ppoe

After a powerfailure ip change at each login had to setup a cron job using curl on ubuntu server to update my cpanel dyndns. Could have done so under edgerouterX ssh but not on webinterface.

Note that everytime ip change and dyndns get updated it take some time to work on every subdomain used on your lan.

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