Religions (English)

After watching Religulous from Bill Maherm, it didn’t change my mentality i never believed in religions to begin with.

But i noticed something, is it me or the majority of those who believe in such religions lack education and common sense? They also lack socialisation skills and are in constant denial. They stick to an idea and aren’t able to evoluate from it. For example if someone tell me i did a mistake il debate on this mistake but if i see the idea of the person and perception of how i did a mistake seem correct il recheck and recall what i did and admit my mistake. That is something Religions don’t do. The worst one is Islam they are in complete deny of strangers opinions and that is something that annoy me at a high degree. Outside there tons of them are denying fact, they violente religion nature and much more. But then again your an infidel if you don’t practice that religion and you’l go to hell if your not praticing Islam, same goes for Mormon, Jews and so on. What kind of fucked up world we are in?

Every religions have they share of bloodiness, madness and so on. Jews were massacred throught they belief but they did massacer too. Catholism with they Croisade don’t even wanna start on it. Islam oh god huh i mean Allah! is it me or most Humans-Bomb squads are from those brainwashed auto-denying hypocrites?

If i had super-powers which lucky you i don’t i wouldn’t kill people i would only burn anything related to religions such as temple, books, clothes, buildings ANYTHING except humans lives. They would keep the fate you tell me sure but everytime they would build a new places to pray in the name of they god , they fate i’d burn it to the ground and kick they human pathetic body outside that ground sparing thus they lives. Then again they would claim if they live was spared it was an act of God… foolishness.

I do believe in something it’s call Evolution, by evolution i mean human learning to not want more than they neighboor, human been able to accept homosexuality yes but at same time they own body they were born with. Humans that can take care of themself and yet help for the pleasure of doing it, but then again what pleasure is there to help hypocrites? I am been honnest sharing my thought, the evil of this world is not me not you but the religions and those who exploit it.

True evil that is.

Stop reading books of religions try to read books that make you think for yourself and others. Book that make you see whats true and what’s not by Yourself and NO the Bible, Coren aren’t any of those books. No one has the right to claim they are More right than any other im not claiming im more right than religions right now. But you should see and use the good side of religions and remove the bad side of religions and see them. Islam has good people too but the infidels part and the burning in hell thing? Stop believing Fairy-tales and grow up you fools.

That’s all for today Religious wake up call!

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