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games-utilities.com steal and scam

I’m not saying the site is doing fraud but when 1.7.2 released it took many months before Forge was available yet this site claimed to have a 1.7.2 working forge so it was available to download. Then they corrected it by writing on page not yet available.

They take the works of other modders and then submit adfly links which earn them an income from work that they took from others.

This is in a way a “Scam” to use the work of a modder you have to ask is consent, modpack are less terrible because you actually made some work on it to work as a whole but when using it to earn money ITS FRAUD.

Is whole site is a listing of mods done by others and use adfly as a income. I sincerly doubt the man behind this ask permissions from all the mods owners and makers and thus is a scam site so i will scam a scammer by making a replica of is site and then remove the adfly links and forward the whole links to official sites of mods in questions.

We all want to earn an income somewhere on the internet but by stealing other people work? Seriously?Get in the credit card fraud then!

Not only the people behind the games-utilities site don’t make content and earn income from adfly using other people work but they don’t even host the files themself.

To use a adfly link would be to justify hosting costs or you making a mod and get rewarded for doing so.

Yet the site use free files hosting services and so on.

Avoid that site and use minecraft forums my recommendation and it also allow you to be more up-to-date.