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ElectronicBox *Update* English

Electronic box/English – French Version Will follow after

My account is LVE1 if you decided to move after reading this please let me know could group up people together so they get a bonus too.

My thoughts…

It’s been almost a year im using they services and so far outside of the power outage i never lacked services and speed. The only time i had to call was for infos on my bandwith code to see how much bandwith was left for the month.

They prices is so much lower than competitors that when i moved with them i did it with while taking a gamble. But in the end i wouldn’t move with another compagny and im well pleased with they services.

They Refferal program

They referal program is also quite different from other compagnys. Every people you refer and get activated with electronicbox give you after 3months ( MAX ) a 1$ rebate on every facturation until you quit using they services.

If you want people that subscribes using you  as a reference to earn a bonus do it in group of 2 or 4.

Every People you refer give you 1$ Rebate. A group of 2 subscribing at same time get each 1$ rebate and 5$ rebate on they modem so referer get 2$ rebate and they each get 1$ and 5$ on modem prices.

Now if you refer 4 people as a group they each get 2$/rebate months 10$/modem rebate and you get 4$/rebate for lifetime subscriptions.

It basically means if you refer 8x groups of 4 you get a 32$ rebate some people even have they internet for free every months.

The Prices! Just a Few comparisons!

Some people think that staying with one for every facture will save them lots of money but even with rebates from competitor for using multiple services if you use the same compagnys for years and hate switching check the TGV 30 vs TGV 20 example 2nd year its Videotron TGV 20 927$ vs Ebox TGV 30 687$ annual price.

Look at videotron single service fees for example TGV 20 it’s 45,95$ for 6months then switch to 56,95$ per month and you need to have other services with them or its gonna cost more. For me it was 77,30$ including taxe for only this internet package.

TGV 20 Videotron 77,30$tax included per month = 927,60$ a year

TGV 30 Electronic box ( Faster speed more bandwith per month ) 57,30$ Taxe included = 687,6$ a year + Modem First year buy 99$ + install fees 49$ or 39$ if your with videotron and switching. *Part of one of they promotions i didn’t had when i registered*

Bell Fibe 25/10    32,95$/month for 3months then 65,95$/month  need to have other packages with it or will cost more at start and even more after. Also have activation prices of 49$

You get 25mbps down / 10mps up 125GB bandwith per month

VS FTTN Extrême 25 Ebox – 50,95$ per month Modem VDSL wireless 120$ or rent it Activation Price 49$

You get 25mbps down 10mbps up 250 monthly bandwith AND Unlimited Bandwith between 2h am to 2h pm ! Free Dryloop!


Are you working for them?

Nope but i did apply because they give a good starting salary and would gladly work for them because it’s way easier to promote a products that you use yourself and believe is a good services.