Old Memory: Tehgamers L2 Under Linux

This Guide is based on Xubuntu and Ubuntu Kubuntu and any debian based distro should work except you need to use the correct WineHQ depot. You can check a old guide in French here. Also, if your video card isn’t from Nvidia or Ati you might get errors. Also, if your card is old you might not be able to launch the game!

First you need to add the WineHQ repo to your distro.

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/32bits-64bits repo information and setup can be found here. For other distro repository just check the site distro page here.

First make an account if you don’t already have one at Accounts.

Please Note: Lineage 2 under wine you cannot use Improved Graphics Effects it will crash the game and you will have to repaste the system files.

Download Lineage 2

Gracia Part 2: Mirror 1, Mirror 2.

Extract Lineage 2

Go to Add/Remove Manager ensure that you have .rar , .7z , .zip file manager installed. If you see “Please Insert Disk 1” means the archives was badly extracted.

Installing Lineage 2

If the setup display many errors and you correctly unzipped the archives that means the current version of wine is broken. 2nd solution would be copy from a working windows computer the folder.

Also note after install, the gameguard doesn’t work with Linux and Wine you need a nogg patched system which can be found here below.


Modification of the Host files

you need to edit the hosts files or you won’t be able to connect to tehgamers l2.

sudo gedit /etc/hosts

Inside the hosts file add those lines.

# Tehgamers patch edited this three lines… l2authd.lineage2.com l2patcher.lineage2.com nProtect.lineage2.com

Save the file and exit.

Configure Wine

Inside the Configuration of Wine put Windows XP as default. Also a Virtual desktop of the required resolution that you want to play the game. For the fonts you should use Wine Doors and install all the fonts there available. Get the .deb version for Ubuntu.


After that near the Config of Wine you can see the Wine Doors start it. Then download the Fonts click install all of them.

Launch Lineage 2

First ensure that you have the Lineage NoGG patch put inside the folder .wine/drive_c/Path-to-Lineage-Folder then to prevent bugs open a terminal and do

wine pathtolineage/system/l2.exe

Errors you can encounter

AGP is not enabled. Just click Okay that means you simply don’t have a PCI-EXPRESS card.

No Text display. Just copy fonts from a windows machine or use winedoors and install fonts. You can paste the fonts there /home/user/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts.

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